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2017 IM Norm (confirmed to date): IM Denys Shmelov, IM David Vigorito, FM Akshita Gorti, GM Alexander Ivanov, FM Nikhil Kumar, IM Levan Bregadze
2017 NH Closed (confirmed to date): David Kochman, John Elmore, Clay Bradley, IM Joe Fang, Aashish Welling and Hal Terrie

2016 Girl's Closed  (Closed Championship Games)
Left to right: Larry Cohen, WCM Maggie Feng, WFM Joanna Liu, WCM Apurva Virkud, WFM Emily Nguyen, WFM Jennifer Yu, WIM Annie Wang, Alice Dong, Carissa Yip, WFM Evan Xiang,WIM Agata Bykovtsev and Alex Relyea
Thanks to Tony Cortizas Jr for the photo!
Left to right: Bob Messenger, WCM Maggie Feng, WFM Joanna Liu, WCM Apurva Virkud, WIM Annie Wang, WIM Agata Bykovtsev, Carissa Yip, Alice Dong, WFM Emily Nguyen, WFM Jennifer Yu, WFM Evan Xiang and Alex Relyea

March 2016 GM Norm Tournament
 (archived games, click here)
Photo: Alex Relyea (FIDE arbiter), Ken Ballou (International Arbiter), GM Josh Friedel, IM Razvan Preotu, GM Eugene Perelshteyn, IM Denys Shmelov, GM Sriram Jha, GM Aleksandr Lenderman, and Matt Phelps (FIDE arbiter)

March 2016 NH Closed (archived games, click here)
Photo. Christopher Wood, Doug Grant, , Hal Terrie, Erin Dame, Michael Kind, IM Joseph Fang and Alex Relyea (FIDE arbiter)

November 2015 WGM Tournament (archived games, click here)
Photo: WGM Yanira Vigoa,
WIM Shayesteh Ghaderpour, WGM Ana Benderac, Alex Relyea (FIDE arbiter), Ken Ballou (International Arbiter), FM Akshita Gorti, WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili, Janyl Tilenbaeva (not shown)

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